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  • Do you recommend a certain cast iron skillet?
    I mostly use my Lodge skillets, but the more you use ANY cast iron skillet, the better it gets- as long as you use it correctly. If you're a manufacturer of cast iron skillets and want me to compare yours to mine, contact me.
  • Is it possible than another Spatula is better than the one you're selling?
    Yes, it's possible. If you think you've found one, contact me.
  • Are the three pans you compare from the same manufacturer?
    The second two are lodge skillets. The first one is a Wagner skillet that looked like it had never been used. It is rougher than the factory surface of a Lodge. All three pans were shot from identical distances, in identical light, with identical settings. I know it looks like the one on the far left is zoomed in. It's not.
  • What is your favorite thing to cook in your Skillet?
    That's tough. Today I'll say Pizza. Imagine crispy cheese baked into the edges of a crust that balances crispiness and chewiness like Lady Justice herself, except instead of blindfold and a sword, she wears a stained apron and carries a MK21680 spatula.
  • How do you strip your skillet?
    I don't. To me, the only reason to strip a skillet is if it has been neglected or has a questionable past. There's very little ick that survives 400F.
  • What oil do you use to season your skillets?
    I use a precise formula that consists of inequal parts butter, beef fat, lard, canola, vegetable, olive and coconut oils. To this I add bacon grease, duck fat, and the mixed oils of 13 cheeses. These oils should be applied sporadically during all four seasons, and heated until whatever you're cooking is delicious.
  • What is your Return Policy?
    You may return any spatula in new, unused condition within 30 days of the date you received it for a full refund or exchange. You are responsible for return shipping charges.
  • I want to return my Spatula after ignoring the "Must be in new, unused condition" part of the return policy. Will you pay shipping?"
    No need. We've anticipated your request and dispatched a horseman to collect your scratched and oily spatula. To speed the process of your refund, please carry your spatula outside and throw it as hard as you can towards Seattle. Your karma account will be credited immediately.
  • What is the warranty?
    Your spatula is warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 5 years. If your spatula has a defect, return it for a full refund or exchange.
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